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Gerber NCS has delivered on everything they promised not only by decreasing severity, but also by assisting to enhance technology claim solutions for all services they extend to Madison Mutual.

Director of Claims

Madison Mutual Insurance Company


Gerber NCS is a nationwide claims administrator providing claim handling solutions for Insurance Carriers. With our knowledge of the industry, we are able to provide clients and their claimants with superior service from start to finish. Count on Gerber NCS down the road. Gerber NCS has delivered superior service through the years while expanding the original automotive glass solution to a menu of complementing claim services. The Gerber NCS technical integration team offers state-of-the-art technology to support our network. Real-time claim tracking, instant online claim access, and the ability to integrate with any system and much more. We believe that our spirit and service translate into great value for our insurance partners.


Gerber NCS Claim Benefits Include:

  • First Notice of Loss
  • Pricing Controls
  • Policy Verification
  • Invoice Creation
  • Member Locator
  • Immediate Auditing
  • Live Claim Information
  • Payment Distribution
  • Claim Assignment
  • Report Generation  
  • Technical Integration